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What Shapewear is the Best?

What Shapewear is the Best?

The only way to answer the question of “what shapewear is the best?” is to determine what shapewear you need. The best shapewear will suit your needs, and fit the purpose you desire. Depending what area of the body you are looking to target, there are different pieces of shapewear that work best for each area of the body. Below you can find what shapewear type would be the best for you depending on your target area.


Target Area: Thighs
Shapewear: If you are looking to slim down that extra fat in your thigh area, then you can opt for a pair of control tights, pants, or even a pair of spanx. This will help to suck in that extra fat and give you the leaner appearance that you are looking for.

Target Area: Stomach/Bust
Shapewear: A control cami top, corset, or body shapewear is perfect to target the stomach area. These garments can be worn underneath clothing, or even alone as a top. Designers are coming out with beautiful styles to pair with a nice pair of pants to create a beautiful outfit.

Target Area: Hips
Shapewear: For thinner looking hips, a pair of spanx or half-slips can help. These both help to tighten the hip area, which will make you feel confident with your curves. Half-slips are also perfect to wear under a dress or skirt.

Target Area: Buttocks
Shapewear: A newer piece of shapewear that targets the buttocks is a pair of padded underwear. These are designed with padding in the back to shape your buttocks and give it a nice lift. For men, these padded underwear can come in Speedo style or even as a pair of boxer briefs.

Target Area: Arms
Shapewear: Many people are self-conscious about their extra arm fat. Arm shapewear will help define your arms underneath your outfit. Many arm shapewear garments come as part of a shirt that can be worn as an outfit on its own.

Generally, there is no single piece of shapewear that is the best. You want the shapewear to be the best for your target area, to help make you look and feel confident in what you are wearing. If you are in need of a piece of shapewear, then it is time to hit the shelves or even the online stores to get yourself the best shapewear garment to suit your needs.

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