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Exercise Resistance Bands with Door Anchor

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About this product:

With five bands of varying resistance you can interchange the bands with the comfortable handles to match your workout. It comes with a door attachment that adds hundreds of extra exercises onto your regular workoutvto really help you push yourself and develop. These are excellent for muscle gain, weight loss, rehabilitation, strength gain and Yoga. These resistance bands allow you to perform an array of exercises and stretches for a full body workout. It even gives you an ankle strap for leg training.

【5 Color-Coded】OlarHike Resistance Bands Set includes – Red (50 lbs. ), Black (40 lbs. ), Green (30 lbs. ), Blue (20 lbs. ), and Yellow (10 lbs. ). The bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination to a maximum equivalence of 150 lbs.
【Suitable For Any Fitness Level】Coaches can use our resistance bands to create effective fitness & weight loss programs for their clients. Whether you are a beginner or an expert; these resistance bands can fully meet your needs.
【100% Natural Latex】 New exercise bands are made from 100% natural latex which has a perfect junction to the metal hook. Each band is double layered and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance.
【Your Personal Home Gym】For a beginner or an expert exercise enthusiast who is looking for a more effective workout, this versatile set will assist you to get faster and more effective results!"

5 Exercise Bands with different color + 2 cushioned soft-grip handles + 1 door-safe anchor + 2 soft ankle straps + 1 water resistant carrying bag

The different color specifications:

Yellow (5 lbs)
Green (15 lbs)
Red (20 lbs)
Blue (30 lbs)
Black 35 (lbs)